7 Quick And Easy Ways To Increase Your Spotify Plays

Every artist wants to increase their Spotify plays and it doesn’t have to take too much work.  Here are seven things you can do to encourage your audience to stream your music more:

  • Put your Spotify artist URL in all your social profiles.
  • Make sure the link to your Spotify artist page is prominent on your website.
  • Embed the Spotify logo on your artist profile icons on social media.
  • Write blog or social media posts about specific songs (inspiration, meaning etc) and link/embed that Spotify track within the posts.
  • Do a local band/city Spotify playlist featuring local artists and your own music and spread it around the local music community.
  • Ask your fans to follow you. When they are following they get a notification of your new releases increasing the chances that release will get heard.
  • Create an omni playlist with all your music, most recent first and regularly share it.


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