Seven Tips To Help You Become An Instagram Ninja

Want to up your Instagram game? Buffer recently crunched a WHOLE load of data from twenty marketing studies of Instagram to help you do that.  You should definately read the article in full but here are seven killer tips to help you become an Instagram ninja.


Instagram Users Like Current, Creative Content


Instagram is hot with 25-34 year olds and these users like good looking content that reflects ‘their’ world.  They like content that is friendly and shows creativity.

Post Regularly, But Not Too Often

One to two great posts a day is often ideal.4890852_instagram_jpeg81d3fdebc0e0818a2a43d41548545998

There is No ‘Best Time’ To Post

Unlike other platforms, there doesn’t keep to be an optimum time to post, post when you want.

Don’t Neglect Stories

Users watch a lot of stories, so don’t neglect them.


Use Hashtags and Location Tags

Both of these tag help discoverability and increase engagement so use them.

Don’t Ignore Video

Video is getting stronger on Instagram. Make sure it is part of your content mix


Captions Can Be As Short Or A Long As They Need To Be

If you need to do a long caption, don’t sweat it

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