5 Ways To Use Twitter Hashtags To Get Your Music Discovered (Updated)

Looking at my stats, this here is one of my most popular 60SMM blog posts so I thought I’d make it even more useful by revisiting it and updating it.

Hashtags are still incredibly popular on Twitter.  It’s often fun to use them as a comedic comment on your conversations #duhyoudontsay.  However most musicians don’t think about how to use them effectively to help other people discover their music when they are Tweeting.

You can use hashtags to effectively promote your music.  Here's how.

You can use hashtags to effectively promote your music. Here’s how.

Here are five ways to help you do that:

1.  Use popular, relevant hashtags such as #newmusic or #newmusicfridays or #np when Tweeting your YouTube/Soundcloud, Spotify links.

2.  Tag musicians or artists who are similar to you.  If a blogger or journalist has compared you to a larger artist or band, it’s a great way to incorporate the hashtag.  Like this:

 “Capturing the ethereal majesty of #ThomYorke, Indra are a band to watch”

3. Promote your gigs using a #(City/Town)gigs hashtag i.e. #ManchesterGigs #LiverpoolGigs

4. Tag tweets promoting your music with your genre #folkmusic #indierock

5. Change the ‘Trends’ feature of Twitter to show location specific tweets.  Choose a City/location where you’ll be playing and see if there are any current trends/conversations you can take advantage of.

Hashtag Notification Concept


  • Don’t use more than two hashtags per Tweet.
  • Use #CapitalLetters as it makes reading a lot easier.
  • As you read your personal Twitter feed, see if there are any hashtags which you can make use of in the future.
  • Use a website such as All Hashtag to add similar/related hashtags that you might not have thought of yourself.


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