Five Ways To Involve Fans In Your Creative Process

Engagement and interaction is the best way to turn an audience into superfans. You hopefully do that a lot on social media but have you ever thought of using your creative process to engage your fans?  Here are five ways you can involve your audience when you are making/releasing your music to get them even more interested.

Get Them In A Video

Create a concept for a video and then ask your fans to film and submit video clips of themselves so you can include them in the edit.  That way they can star alongside YOU in the video.


Get Them To Choose Artwork

Give fans the option to choose your next single artwork from a selection of designs.  Ask if there are any painters or graphic designers in your music community and see if they can create something for you.


Get Them To Remix It

See if you have any EDM heads in your online crowd who can fire up Ableton and remix one of your tracks.  Give them the stems/WAVs via a Dropbox link.


Get Them To Name It

If you are undecided as to what your latest ‘Untitled’ song should be called, run a poll and let your fans decide.


Get Them In The Studio

Invite fans to contribute to a studio session to play shakers, provide handclaps or even gang vocals.  Ideally, this is the sort of ‘experience’ that you can sell to them too.


Takeaway Tip

The more involved fans are in the making of your music, the more they will take an interest in it!

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