The Psychology of Selling For Musicians: Stimilating The Senses

This is my second mini blog post covering something that most DIY musicians aren’t aware of,  the psychology of selling.

If you’re at the supermarket buying fruit, before putting it in your basket you’ll more than likely take a good look at it for blemishes and bruises.  You might pick it up touch it to feel how ripe it is, even smell it even to gauge its ripeness or sweetness. We like to use our senses as a judge as to whether we want to buy something or not.   

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With this in mind, if you’re trying to get people to your live shows, just sharing a ticket link or gig poster won’t really do much of a job to persuade somebody.  A photo of yourself and your crowd rocking out at a show will allow them to ‘see the goods’. Not bad. A video of the same performance will allow them to hear you in all your glory as well.  Thats two senses covered, its not perfect by any means but we now have two senses engaged is better than none.

Takeaway Tip

Posting footage on your socials and on YouTube of your performances allows your audience to ‘sample the merchandise’ and gives them further evidence to make a purchase decision. It should make the job of ‘ask’ of getting then to a show much easier.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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