The Psychology of Selling For Musicians: ‘Following The Crowd’

Ever been at the supermarket checkouts with a long and a short queue and feel drawn illogically to join the long queue?  That feeling that maybe those people in the long queue know something you don’t?


That’s because most people are natural imitators who ‘follow the crowd’.  If you enter a restaurant, the waiting staff will seat the customers at the window tables first to tell passing trade that ‘other people have chosen to eat here…you’re safe to eat here too’. So, if people seek guidance and assurance from others, here’s two quick ways you can implement that to help sell your music ‘stuff’.

If you are playing on the bill of a well attended show, posting a video or photo of that crowd on your socials will tell your audience at home that they’re missing out on something and that they too need to attend. That’s why these types of audience shots are so popular on musician’s social media accounts.


Now you know why these types of shots are popular on social media.

Using good quotes from reviews or from fan testimonials posted on social media is another way of signalling to others,  its an element of social proofing.

Takeaway Tip:

Your audience can be guided and influenced by whoever got there before them, it’s up to YOU need to show them this during your marketing.

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