The Psychology of Selling For Musicians: Scarcity

We’re continuing our look at the psychology of selling and today we’re looking at how scarcity plays a part.  People fear missing out and we generally want more of those things there are less of.


If you can show your audience that they might be losing out on an opportunity because of scarcity of product or ‘time to buy’ that might force them to take action. Here’s some examples

“80% of the tickets sold for our Manchester show…if you don’t get your tickets soon, you won’t be able to get in”.

“We’ve only got a limited supply of our green t-shirts left and soon they’ll be gone forever.  If you want one, you’ll have to act now”

“My latest EP will be an ultra limited edition of 100.  They’re all Individually numbered and signed. Demand will be high for these so if you want to make sure you get one, you’d better pre-order now”


Takeaway Tip

Any opportunity you have to stress scarcity and what your audience will miss out on is a good sales trigger.

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