Help….No One Is Streaming My Album!

So, you’ve released an album.  It’s on all the streaming services but after a good period of time you look at Spotify and all the tracks are showing less than 1,000 plays.  Ouch! What can you do

Don’t Release Any More Music…Yet

I’m an advocate for releasing lots of new music to gain new followers but I’d suggest that your current marketing strategies need work.  With that in mind, call a halt to any new releases till you’ve found a way to turn the situation around.


Point People To Where The Music Is

Stick your artist Spotify URL in as many locations as you can: In your Twitter and Facebook bios, on all your YouTube videos etc. You need to guide people to their destination.


You need to guide people to where you want them to go.

Give Exposure To ALL The Music On The Album

Technically, all the tracks on the album can be classed as singles.  Make videos for all the tracks on the album be they full music videos, acoustic live performances, lyric videos or just plain old cover art videos.  Upload each in full to YouTube and Facebook (uploading snippets of these videos to Twitter and Instagram) telling where people can stream the album in full.   In summary, you’ve got to show people what they are missing.


Highlight the music on the album as many times as possible.

Get A Player


Make sure you have a webplayer for the album on your website so people can stream directly from there.  Make sure you also have a follow button on website so people can be notified of your next release.


Throw A Twitter Party

Have a Tweet along party.  Tell audience to stream the album together on a certain date/time.  It’s a communal ‘event’. As the songs stream in real time you can tweet facts, etc about each track.

Remember Spotify (like YouTube) is a music consumption destination.  People have to know about you FIRST before they can consume your music.  Ask yourself what else are you doing to bring yourself to the awareness of more new music fans?  If people have never heard of you, how can you expect them to stream your to your music?

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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