Ground Report – My Facebook Video Premiere: How Did It Go?

So, a quick update on Facebook video premieres that I covered a short while back. I did my first premiere the last week and here’s how it went down.

The ‘placeholder’ announcement that it places in your FB page news feed had the reach of a couple of thousand, not so bad. The premiere ‘broadcast’ didn’t go as well as I thought it would in terms of numbers, I only had about forty or so viewers at any one time and the last FB live I did (which was just a chat to fans in the rehearsal room) had perhaps double that.

The reason for the smaller amount of numbers could be down to a couple of things: the type of content (it wasn’t that visually exciting) or it could have been that a lot of my audience were watching TV at the time (when broadcasting live you always have to remember what people sat at home might actually be doing at the time you are broadcasting!).

What did work was the actual ‘playout’. My video was thirty five minutes long so that gave me a good opportunity sit at the computer and reply to all the comments coming in. I’ve now amended the title of the post and I’m running paid traffic to the video get get a few more eyeballs on it.

How would I use it differently next time? I’ll probably create an Facebook event for the next one I do, perhaps send a mailshot out too just to build up even more awareness. In hindsight, like anything else, it’s the amount of promotion around the premiere (and after) that will help

In summary: if you have the video premiere feature and if your video content warrants it, it’s the definitely the way forward.