My Personal Music Marketing Takeaways From 2018

So, I’ve had another twelve months of marketing music and selling shows.  Lots of successes, some curveballs received but here are my own personal reflections on my marketing year as a DIY artist:


  • For ticket sales choice of venue really is important.  Taking your show to a different venue can have a dramatic impact on sales (both positive and negative).
  • Physical sales are getting fewer, they’re still there but getting smaller every year.
  • Streaming revenue is increasing, but at least for myself it’s still not enough to offset that loss of physical.
  • Facebook ads are getting MUCH more expensive.  This is only going to get worse. Just get used to paying more for fewer reach, year on year.
  • Facebook organic reach continues to drop, personally this has been by 20-40% in the past twelve months. Paid traffic is now essential to get your stuff out there.
  • Facebook Live (and other live tools) are still the priority for all DIY musicians.
  • Instagram is getting more effecting as a selling platform (and Stories ads should probably be everyone’s next focus point).
  • Traditional media coverage is becoming less important. If you get it, fine, if not, don’t sweat it.

Here’s to 2019!

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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