How Facebook’s New Feature Will Help Validate Your Fans More

You may remember last year Facebook introduced  ‘Top Fan’ badges awarded to regular contributors to Facebook pages.  This week I saw a new badge added to people who interacted with my Facebook page, that of ‘valued commenter’. It seems like if people regularly comment on your page they’ll first get a ‘Valued Commenter’ badge and if they carry on they’ll be upgraded to a ‘Top Fan’.


Both of these are great features because they reward people for interacting with and and people like to be validated.  Fans can invest a lot of time and money being a fan of their favourite artists and they appreciate every time they receive a reward for their efforts.


Here are a couple more ways to reward your fans to help them feel more validated:

  • Have two way conversions on social media.  Don’t make it all about you. Take an interest in your audience.   When it’s morning, Tweet and wish them a great day.
  •  Spend time with them after shows at the merch table.
  • Use their name when replying to them on social media.  If David Smith says ‘great video’ when replying to one of your posts reply with ‘Thanks a lot David, glad you liked it’. Using the person’s name acknowledges their identity

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